Wallet & P2P Exchange


Bitpie is developed by Bither team. With bitpie, you can have a secured bitcoin wallet as simple as possible, and you can also buy/sell bitcoins in an easy way.

Bitpie will also support other blockchain assets in the future, so it will be the wallet for everything, and you should try it now!

Simpliest Bitcoin Wallet Ever!

As a bitcoin wallet, bitpie means you control your private keys, and nobody can touch your assets. With our special design, you do not need to sync the blockchain data with the bitcon network, and sending/receiving bitcoins are processed so quickly. Also bitpie supports dynamic transaction fee and transaction accelerator, that means your transaction can easily go through even when network congestion.

P2P Exchange
Easiest Way to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with Other Peers!

Bitpie has built-in escrow function based on Multisig technology, so you can easily buy/sell bitcoins with the dealers all over the world in a secured environment.


Bither team has so many reputations in the past, and Bither wallet has been recommended by for a long time. We know how to make secured bitcoin wallet, and how to protect your blockchain assets. The bitpie wallet is totally based on Bither technology, so it is robust and trustable.