Urgent notification regards potential replay attack of BTV hard-fork

Dear users,

We just found there is an issue in BTV hard fork code might cause potential replay attack. To protect users’ asset safety, Bitpie has already shutdown the BTV wallet function. As of now, 3 users’ addresses were affected, but user’s asset are safe since Bitpie’s hard-fork support solution has already considered scenario like this. Bitpie will help users to recovery their assets in technical ways.

If you have already claimed BTV, you don’t have to worry about your asset safety, but make following operation in Bitpie is highly suggested to avoid potential issue:

  1. Open Bitpie app and switch to BTC.

  2. At BTC Main menu, click “Receive” and copy your current BTC receive address.

  3. Back to Main menu, click “Send”, send all your BTC asset to the receive address and confirm to send.

After 1 confirmation, your asset is free from potential replay attack.

(You will need to pay a little mining fee since this will be an on-chain transaction. This is to make sure replay attack won’t happen. But even it is happened, the asset is still safe, we will add function to support user to claim their assets affected by replay attack by themselves )

In future Bitpie will enhance our code review regarding all hard-fork to make sure this won’t happen again.

Thanks for your support.

Bitpie Team

2018 02-07